Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Friday at the Outlet's

Okay I know I'm a bit late but I just wanted to post some of the things I got on Black Friday this year. The stuff featured in this post is the actual stuff I got on black Friday. I did buy a lot of different things online but will make a separate post for that.

So this year I decided to leave the family dinner early and hit the Riverhead Outlet for some crazy black Friday deals. I have gone black Friday shopping before in the past but never had I gone to the outlet's. Just the experience alone was something I was looking forward too and boy let me tell you that it was a insane one at that. The store's opened at 10 pm and me and my friend's got there around 11:30 pm thinking it wasn't too late but we were soo wrong. There wasn't even any parking in the main lot and we had to go around the outlet's and park in the back were there was a race track lol. From there they had coach buses picking people up and dropping them off at the outlets. It was something I had never experienced before.

The first store I had my eye on was Michael Kors because I heard they have some amazing deals..which they did. Everything in the was 20% off :) so of course I ended up getting two bags haha. After I was done with MK I didn' really care were we went. My friend's went to a few different stores to do there Christmas shopping and I just went along with them. Then I ended up going to 2Bebe were I bought 4 shirts and a watch. After we went to Dooney & Bourke were everything was 50% off YESS 50% I thought this was an amazing deal and I ended up making my first Dooney & Bourke purchase. Then we went to Coach which also had great deals but nothing really excited me.

The last stop was Juicy Couture and I love there velour sets because they are super comfortable and keep me warm in the winter time. I bought a light grey set since I don't own a grey one. Also liked the jewelery they had and ended up buying a cute little necklace with matching earrings. I ended up coming home at 7 am and had to go into work at 9 am which was not fun at all :( but at least I got some awesome deals. Hope you all had a good Black Friday and got some fun/exciting deals like I did.