Friday, September 27, 2013

Better Late then Never

This is So long over due that I feel silly even making a post about it. Yes I'm a slacker but I figured it's better late then never, and that I would show you guys all the goodies I picked up from The Makeup Show back in May. I believe this was my 3rd year attending The Makeup Show and just like the past I had a blast. This year I only decided to go for one day since I couldn't really miss a day of work. I went on Sunday and tried to get there as early as I could. Just like always it was packed and everyone was going crazy over Nars and Make Up For Ever. I went with a budget this year because I really didn't think I needed much but of course that went out the window once I got to the show. I didn't really take any pictures this year because I really just wanted to go and relax and get my makeup on . I mostly did some major damage at Stila, Occ and Nars. Make Up For Ever is usually one of my favorite booths but I felt like I had everything I needed from them so this year I didn't even bother getting on that long line. I also bought some brushes at Bdellium Tools cause a girl can never have enough brushes especially when they are so affordable. I also picked up a few staples . If you have any questions about any of the products please do let me know in the comments below.

                                                                      Love this Look

                                              All the colors of the rainbow at naked cosmetics

                                              My friend with Lauren aka Queenofblending

                                            Some major awesomeness at Kett Cosmetics

                                                                   My entire Haul

Things I bought :
* Bdellium Brushes #945, #959, #992, #781, #776x2, #733
* Occ- Liptars/Stains- Meta, Jealous, Grandma and Narcissus
* Occ- Pigments : Jubliee and Burning/ Nailpolish in Pool Boy
* Stila - Eye Shadow- Finale, Lyric and Tie Dye
* Stila- Eye Liner- snow and periwinkle
* Nars- Satin Lip Pencil - Lodhi and Yu / Lipstick in Niagara
* Smashbox- Camera Ready BB cream- Light/Medium
* Beauty So clean - Cosmetic Santizer
* Embryolisse- Lait-Creme Concentre
* Velour Lashes- Strikepose
* Eve Pearl- Salmon Concealer- Light/Medium
* Pink Bow Lash Holder

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Artisan Brush Collection by Make Up For Ever

I'm really excited to talk to you about this new brush collection Make Up For Ever has come out with. The minute I received these brushes I instantly fell in love with them. They look very different then any of the brushes I have in my collection. These just have a certain sex appeal to them and are so stylish looking. One of the unique things about these brushes is that the handles are made with beech wood and have a bevel end the end so its easier to use with faux lash application. The creator of Make Up For Ever Dany Sanz wanted to create brushes that could be used by a professional or an every day women. It took her Five years to perfect these brushes by testing out a variety of synthetic fibers that felt like real silky natural hairs. The brushes went through twenty five different stages and were hand crafted by thirty people from start to finish.

This collection has not one not two but Seventy six new brushes. So I'm sure there is a brush in there for you. The collection is classified in numbers so it's easier to indicate which number goes with what type of brush.

100's = Face brushes
200's= Eye brushes
300's= Lip brushes
400's= Artist Special brushes for a professionals

These brushes are now available on