Saturday, August 8, 2009


Stuff like this never happens to me but I entered to win China Glaze's New collection called Retro Diva on Twitter and they picked me. I was shocked and couldn't believe it.I didn't win one or two nail-polishes I won the whole collection all 12 of them.I got them in the mail two days ago and I'm super excited. These colors are perfect for the fall and I have been swatching like crazy and will be posting them on here. This is my first time trying China Glaze and I'm very pleased and happy with the quality of these polishes and looking forward to actually buying more. They go on so smooth and are really creamy. I'm in love with them :)

#741 Free Love

# 740 Street Racing

#735- Skate Night

#734- Stella

#733- Let's Groove

#732- Short & Sassy

#731- Cords


#739- Drive In

#738- Thunderbird

#737- Stroll

#736- Far Out

Friday Fotd

Medium Dark Msf
Nw 25- select moisturecover
Nc 30- studio finish concelar
Fad-Dabulous Blush
Smooth Merge Msf

Soft Ochre- Painpot
Rated "R"- e/s
Femme Fi- e/s
True Chartreuse- Pigment
Mufe 159- e/s
Mufe 150- e/s
Fly-By-Blu- e/l
Blacktrack- Fluidline
XXL Maybelline Mascara

Occ- Melange+Plum Lip Tar

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MAC Colous Craft

Colour Craft seemed like it was going to be such an amazing collection from the previews that i saw, but I was somewhat disappointed. The only thing that excited me about this collection was the MSFs. I am in love with them! The eyeshadows seemed average, and I felt like I had similar colors at home. But there was one eyeshadow that stuck out the most to me which was natural flare and I had to get it . I also bought 2 MSFs, 2 blushes, and also the 131 brush.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lush Haul

I went back to NYC after Saturday to get my Lush goodies since I was running out of my soaps, and even though I was only going to get a soap or two, I ended up picking up more things and also got some free goodies :)

* Lemon Flutter- had a sample of this stuff and it's really good. You can use it for so many things esp if you have dry skin, and it smells amazing
* Vanilla Delite Body Lotion- It's pretty new so I wanted to give it a try. Plus it smells yummy!
* Ocean Salt- A MUST HAVE! Just an all over exfoliator; really good to remove dead skin, and should be used 2x a week.
* Porridge Soap -always wanted to try this and I like the way it smells
* I Should Coco Soap- heard good things about it and of course it had Coco in the name lol
* Happy Happy- liquid soap... I got it as a free gift and it smells like grapefruit
* Sugar scrub sugar scrub- also got this free with the purchase of Ocean Salt. This is also another all over scrub.

Also, right now there is a special offer on the website where if you buy a Large buff body butter or Ocean Salt cleanser, you get a free sugar scrub. Offer code: FreeScrub Enjoy :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

M.A.C Pro Haul

Guess what everyone, I finally went to a MAC Pro store. While I was in the city for 789 I met everyone up at the MAC store, and even though it was a production to actually get to the store, thanks to the elevator, lol, we all made it up to the store. It was huge from the inside and I was in heaven when I saw all the new colors. I didn't get to buy everything I wanted, but I did pick up some really nice things that I had wanted for the longest time. And this isn't the end; there will be a lot more pro hauls in the future, and I'll post pictures and swatches of the things I bought. Hope you all enjoy :)

Things Purchased :
* True Chartreuse pigment
* Platinum pigment
* Pink Vivid Pigment
* Pure White Chromaline
* Aqua e/s
* Sky blue e/s
* Deep Damson e/s
*Natural Flare Mes from Colour Craft

Monday, July 13, 2009

789 Gathering

This past weekend was amazing! I got to meet some of the famous youtube gurus like joymeetsworld, sayanythingbrooke, petrilude, macnc40, jmetz, and juderivera. These guys are sooo sweet and down to earth. They have inspired me in so many ways and I never imagined that I was going to be meeting them in real life. At first I was really nervous to meet them all, but once we met up they made me feel at ease. We all went to the Mac Pro in NYC, where we had lotss of fun,even though Josh seemed a lil bored (lol j/k), and after, we all had dinner at TGIF (which by the way was a major fail, so if you want a good time DON'T go to TGIF in New York). While we were having dinner, the amazingly talented Jude met up with us for some drinks, and she was just too cute. Even though I only got to hang out with everyone for a few hours, it was definitely the highlight of my week, and I really miss them all. I hope that I will get to see them again very soon <33

The group

Joy Me and Brooke

Brooke so happy to see Sbarro

Suzy being her silly self excited about the philippines consulate

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

crazy for nails

So, lately I have been going crazy with trying to grow my nails, and right now nothing is really working for me, but I am obsessed with bright nailpolishes and always trying to do something different with my nails. A couple of weeks ago I bought this sally hansen nailpolish, and I really wanted to use it, but it was too sheer to be used on its own, so I tried it with my opi black and here is what it looks like.

Nailpolishes used:
OPI-Black Onyx
Sally Hansen- Lime Lights
Revlon-Liquid Quick Dry

Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome to my world

Hi, everyone. My name is Shruti. I'm 23 living in NY and I'm currently working in the medical field, hoping to be a nurse one day. My passion for makeup and fashion started when i was in 9th grade. That's when I purchased my first Mac eyeshadow, and ever since then i was in love. I love makeup and like playing around with different looks and colors and basically anything to do with that. A lot of the people i know on the net have blogs and i love reading up on them, so I figured why not make my own blog where I can just talk about the up coming products and things that I like, and maybe help out makeup lovers like myself.