Friday, October 4, 2013

RiRi Hearts Mac

Hope you guys were able to get everything from one of the most anticipated collection of the year. I'm so excited to share my RiRi Hearts Mac collection haul with you. I knew this collection would be insanity from the minute I heard about it. This past year Rihanna collaborated with Mac and created this gorgeous collection. The collection was split up into 4 parts as it seems to me. I think the first thing they released was the lipstick RiRi Woo which is similar to the macs popular color Ruby woo. Then the second part to her collection was the summer collection and now the fall collection has landed. I recently actually found out that there will be a Holiday collection, hurray for my wallet. I have picked up a little something from each part of this collection but this one was by far my most favorite. The packaging is to die for. Everything is rose gold and metallic I mean who doesn't like rose gold and metallic. I think the fall part of this collection had the most products even though RiRi Woo was a part of all three so far. I did some major damage on the fall collection. I knew how crazy and difficult it would be to get this collection and since I work full time my mom was nice enough to go wait on a crazy line for me the day it hit the stores. I had already spoken to my Mac artist at the store and because of the high demand of this collection she was unable to hold anything for me and I knew there was only one way I could get everything. I am very thankful to my mom who was nice enough to go for me and deal with my crazy Mac addiction. My apologizes in advance for the not so grate swatches

The things I picked up were:

* Hibiscus Kiss- Bronzer/Blush Duo
* Bad Girl Gone Good- Blush
* Diamonds- Cream Colour Base
* Her Cocoa- Eyeshadow Quad
* Talk That Talk- Lipstick
* Nude- Lipstick
* Who's That Chick- Lipstick
* 187SE- Brush