Monday, July 20, 2009

Lush Haul

I went back to NYC after Saturday to get my Lush goodies since I was running out of my soaps, and even though I was only going to get a soap or two, I ended up picking up more things and also got some free goodies :)

* Lemon Flutter- had a sample of this stuff and it's really good. You can use it for so many things esp if you have dry skin, and it smells amazing
* Vanilla Delite Body Lotion- It's pretty new so I wanted to give it a try. Plus it smells yummy!
* Ocean Salt- A MUST HAVE! Just an all over exfoliator; really good to remove dead skin, and should be used 2x a week.
* Porridge Soap -always wanted to try this and I like the way it smells
* I Should Coco Soap- heard good things about it and of course it had Coco in the name lol
* Happy Happy- liquid soap... I got it as a free gift and it smells like grapefruit
* Sugar scrub sugar scrub- also got this free with the purchase of Ocean Salt. This is also another all over scrub.

Also, right now there is a special offer on the website where if you buy a Large buff body butter or Ocean Salt cleanser, you get a free sugar scrub. Offer code: FreeScrub Enjoy :)

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