Wednesday, July 15, 2009

M.A.C Pro Haul

Guess what everyone, I finally went to a MAC Pro store. While I was in the city for 789 I met everyone up at the MAC store, and even though it was a production to actually get to the store, thanks to the elevator, lol, we all made it up to the store. It was huge from the inside and I was in heaven when I saw all the new colors. I didn't get to buy everything I wanted, but I did pick up some really nice things that I had wanted for the longest time. And this isn't the end; there will be a lot more pro hauls in the future, and I'll post pictures and swatches of the things I bought. Hope you all enjoy :)

Things Purchased :
* True Chartreuse pigment
* Platinum pigment
* Pink Vivid Pigment
* Pure White Chromaline
* Aqua e/s
* Sky blue e/s
* Deep Damson e/s
*Natural Flare Mes from Colour Craft


  1. thats an awesome haul shru, i need natural flare, its gorg!

  2. I know that's the only one that stuck out to me and I think it will look gorgeous on any skin tone