Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lush and Mac Haul

So as you all know Lush has this amazing deal going on where you buy 1 product and you get the 2nd for free. Well I went to Nyc yesterday and I went a little crazy and ended up with way more then I initially intended to buy. I also went to Mac Pro and I was really dissapointed because they didn't have the two new collections that I wanted to check out but I still bought a few things :) Hope you enjoy the haul if you have any questions feel free to ask <3

1 16 ounce Snow fairy shower gel- got 2 for free
1 3 ounce snow fairy- 1 free and 1 fairy tale sugar scrub
1 sexy peel soap- 1 vanilla in the mist and 1 sea vegteable soap for free
1 I should coco soap- 1 father frost and 1 13 soap for free
1 Angel's delight - 1 godmother and 1 alkmaar soap for free
1 Sweetie stack gift- 1 sunny hunny gift for free
1 From ...with love goft set- 1 Christmas cany box gift
1 new solid shampoo
1 godiva solid shampoo for free
1 Noir hair henna
1 Fresh Farmacy Cleanser
1 Lush bag

Blush palette
Eyeshadow palette
Grain e/s, Motif e/s, Shroom e/s, hypnotizing e/s
Dessert rose blush
Pink opal pigment
Crystallized orange glitter
168 face brush
272 eye brush
316 lip brush


  1. thanks javy can't wait to try the snow fairy

  2. You will love Snow Fairy! You got some good stuff :D I wish I had gotten more soap for sure!

    <3 joy

  3. I do I'm obsessed with it So glad I got like 10 bottles lol