Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Mac colors

Mac has added 8 new eyeshadow colors to there permanent line and let me just tell you these are very vibrant and gorgeous colors. I was very excited to check these out even tho I had a few of them already.

*Lucky Green- I already have this e/s and it's gorgeous. I will prob end up getting a backup of this. This e/s is a repromote from Belle Azure
*Sunny Spot- was like a basic green on me and I didn't feel like I needed it
*Golden rod- Had to swatch it a couple times because it wasn't showing up on me.
*Red Brick- Beautiful and bright loved this colour
*Vibrant Grape- I already have this e/s
*Winkle- Had to buy this it's a really cool blue color and shows up great on my skin
*Atlantic Blue- Nice dark blue but didn't feel like I needed it right away
*Free to Be - I'm waiting to buy this with the new collection coming out soon


  1. i love these colors. i didn't know lucky green was permanent! they all look really nice :)

  2. yes they just added that color to the permanent line and it's so pretty you must get it :)