Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm back and with another Fotd

Hey all I'm Back !! Sorry I know it's been so long but some idiot dropped my camera in beer and I was without a one for almost two months and I felt so lost. Finally I bought a new canon it's still not like the professional one I want but it's good for now. So posting another FOTD hope you like :)

Mac Mineralized Foundation Nc35(not liking this anymore)
Mac concelar Nw25

Msf- Medium
Sun & Moon b/l



Soft Ochre p/p

Trax e/s (forgot how pretty this color was)

Sketch e/s
Mufe e/s #131
Ricepapper e/s

Blacktrack f/l

Mufe Smoky lash
Feline e/l

Almost Noir e/l


Marquise D' l/s

Live and Dye l/g

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