Friday, July 23, 2010

Sparkly Pink Nails

Really wanted to do the gradient fade nail polish look but it didn't come out as expected since I don't have a sponge but I still love it so much. Hope you guys like it. It's such a fun and bright look :)

Colors I used :

* Milani in Tip Toe Pink # 46 (as base)
* SinfulColors Cream Pink # 152 (1/2 the nail)
* SinfulColors Forget Now # 321 (1/3 the nail)
* Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Strobe Light # 11 ( all over nail)
* Sally Hansen Mamimun Growth Top Coat ( all over the nail)


  1. wow pretty nails i love pink :)

  2. this is too cute - I need to try to recreate this

  3. love this look... Love your blog