Monday, January 23, 2012

Mac Haul - Iris Apfel, Naturally and a few others

       Today I wanted to share with you some of the things I have picked up recently from some Mac Collections. As we all know it Mac comes out with a collection like ever other week and It's so hard to keep up and a killer for my wallet. The first two collections that came out after Christmas were Daphne Guinness and Tour De Fabulous. Although both these collections had some really pretty things I only picked up one item per collection. I bought the Cremesheen Glass in Narcissus from Daphne Guinness  which is a beautiful dark plummy color and I don't have anything similar to it in my collection. I also only picked up the lipglass Tour De Fabulous from the other collection. Out of the 11 lipglasses this was the most unique to me. It's a peachy/coral color.  I wanted a few other colors but didn't need them since I had similar ones already.

       The Next two Collections were the big ones for me. Let's start with Iris first I didn't even look twice at this collection and before I knew it all the lipsticks sold out within the day the collection came online. I was pretty Shocked and thought I would be okay to go to my local counter to pick up a few items. The day they came out to my counter I called them up in the evening to put a few things on hold and to only find out that all the lipsticks were sold out :( I was really upset with my self for not getting the things I wanted when I had the chance and the following day I called around a few stores and was able to get 2 lipsticks and 1 eyeshadow. I got Party Parrot l/s, Flamingo l/s and Robin's Egg e/s. But I still wanted the lipstick Pink Pigeon and I called about 8 mac counters but they were all out and I gave up hope on ever getting it. I'm happy with the two I did get because they are gorgeous and Very Vibrant. The texture is amazing as well and they are new matte finish. These two have become my new bright favourites. Then I went to my counter to check out the Naturally collection. This collection is  the complete opposite of Iris Apfel and is similar to collections like Blonde, Red and Brunette and N collection. It has really soft neutral lipsticks and glosses . It also has a few mineralize eyeshadows but nothing stood out to me enough to pick up. I ended up with one lipstick 2 glosses 1 blush and 1 mineralize skinfinish. I was most excited for the blush I got from this collection because the color is just amazing. It's a Warm Apricot and I own a lot of peachy/corally colors but nothing like this. I haven't worn this blush yet but I can't wait to try it on. I was also excited for the #286 e/s brush in this collection. This brush was in one of the Holiday Brush sets and I got to try it when I bought that and loved it so much that I picked up 2 of them since it's limited edition.

       Lastly I picked up a few eyeshadows that are being discontinued and I figured I shall back them up now since who knows when they will come back again :( some of the goodbyes are actually really nice colors that I already owned and use quite often so this had to happen. These purchases were completely not planned but I went into panic mode and had to pick them up. Hope you like my haul and let me know if you picked up anything from any of the collections. If you did what are some of your favorite things you bought ?

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish - Blonde (Naturally)
Mac Eyeshadow - Hepcat (goodbyes)
Mac Eyeshadow- Hush (goodbyes)
Mac Eyeshadow- Shimmer-Moss (goodbyes)
Mac Eyeshadow- Romp (goodbyes)
Mac Eyeshadow- Robin's Egg (Iris Apfel)
Mac Eyeshadow- Juxt (goodbyes)
Mac Lipstick- Flamingo- (Iris Apfel)
Mac Lipstick- Party Parrot (Iris Apfel)
Mac Lipstick - A Perfect Day ( Naturally )
Mac Lipglass- Naked Space (Naturally)
Mac Lipglass- Fresh Air (Naturally)
Mac Brush # 286
Mac Brush # 193
Mac Mineralize Blush- Fresh Honey (Naturally)
Mac Cremesheen Glass- Narcissus (Daphne Guinness)
Mac Lipglass- Tour De Fabulous (Tour De Fabulous)

P.S Sorry for the not so amazing Swatches


  1. holy crap that was alot to read lol but I did! I've tried macs eye shadows but realllly wanna try a lipstick! but my bank account wont let me hahaha

    1. Haha Sorry for the long post but hope you liked it :) and these new matte formula of the lipsticks is amazing I hope you get to try one out soon

  2. our mac is super small and has NO nude colors lol thats thhe colors i like

  3. mac heaven! :)

  4. Shimmer Moss and Party Pink look awesome!